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Company profile

A brief history

The Shipping Company BCAT was created in 2001 by Mr Mustapha Bouchefra and Mr El Hadi Tebbane, the company initially provided ships in provisions. In 2010 it was taken over by Mr Rostom Bouchefra who had a big experience in the maritime field. In 2015, we joined the closed circle of the shipping agencies in Algeria and we have grown steadily and have become the reliable partner in the region because we have been true to our commitments to provide the highest standards of service and care. 

Over the years, we have earned the reputation of one of the most reliable ship agents in the area because we take great care in planning all operations to the detail and to the best interests of our principals. Our objective is to make sure that we deliver a smooth turnaround of the call, in the most efficient and accurate way. 

About Us

BCAT Shipping company main office is located in Béjaïa, Algeria and maintains a vast network of agents present at our main ports of business throughout Algeria. 

Our team is present on board the vessels from the beginning to the end of the loading/unloading operations to ensure that any problems are resolved on the spot and the best interest of our principals and crewmembers and our experience counts lot of port calls and operations for all types of dry, wet and project cargoes. 

Our team makes sure that all requirements are met most efficiently and responds 24/7 to all issues and our good Relationship with port authorities, customs, coastguards stevedores and all other related parties ensure the success of both vessel calls and operations.